Marvel to Star Wars, Netflix to Hulu, Get Geek!

Marvel to Star Wars, Netflix to Hulu, Call of Duty to Metal Gear Solid and everything in between, our hosts geek out over the latest news and releases in the world of pop culture.

We give you a fans perspective as we debate the newest movies, the latest TV shows and the comics, mangas, animes and videogames headed to a friendly neighborhood near you.

Check out our new episode this Monday where we discuss the new WB Animation release, Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge! And listen to our past episodes for free at the link in our bio and subscribe on your favorite listening podcast apps!

And make sure to join the Get Geek community, find @getgeekpodcast on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all the popular social media apps! We’ve got some exciting stuff coming up!

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