If Vader Knows How To Stay Safe (PSA)

If Vader knows how to stay safe in these crazy times, then so should you.

– Wash Your Hands With Soap & Water
– Social Distancing (at least 6 feet)
– Stay At Home If You Can (coronavirus is highly contagious, you may not have symptoms but can be infectious)
– If You Cough Or Sneeze, Do Into A Tissue Or The Crook Of Your Elbow
– If You Develop Symptoms, Call Your Physician Or Emergency Room BEFORE Going

Remember, the virus does not discriminate. Young and older people alike are getting sick, so do your part and be a good neighbor by following these rules.

We can beat coronavirus together if we all do the right thing. Then we can get back to being geeky.

Stay safe, my friends.

posted on Instagram – https://ift.tt/3dBKhSW


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