Carl Lumbly Cast In Disney+’s Falcon and The Winter Soldier Series

Carl Lumbly Cast In Disney+’s Falcon and Winter Soldier Series; Is He Playing The Original Black Captain America?

Veteran actor Carl Lumbly (Supergirl, Doctor Sleep) has reportedly joined the cast of Marvel and Disney’s series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

While no official word has come as to his role, speculation has him playing none other than Isaiah Bradley.

First introduced in the 2003 comic series, Truth: Red, White and Black, Bradley was part of Tuskegee-like experiments with the Super Soldier Serum following Steve Rogers’ successful test, transforming him into Captain America. After working for a black ops U.S. Military group during World War II, Bradley went renegade with a stolen Captain America costume and shield and became a vigilante himself. Eventually, however, the experiment took its toll, leaving him debilitated.

If this turns out to be true, then we would have at least three versions of Cap in the series as we already know that John Walker aka U.S. Agent is in the show.

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