Early Reactions To The Rise Of Skywalker

Early Reactions To The Rise Of Skywalker Slightly Mixed: “It’s A Lot”

Last night saw the world premiere of Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles.

There is an embargo on full reviews until Wednesday, but those in attendance were allowed to share their impressions on social media.

The impressions were slightly mixed, as most praised the film for providing a fitting and emotional ending to the Skywalker saga. However, some cited the film as overly stuffed and many used some variation of the words, “It’s a lot.” Of course, fan service seemed to be the word of the day as many did say it is an action packed ride from start to finish.

Either way, we will all get a chance to make up our own minds when Rise of Skywalker comes out this Friday.

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